Brooke and Pepsi


My 3 year old (Pepsi) was a green, spooky, out of control horse that I didnt trust at all. After a couple lessons with Sola, Pepsi was calmer and more confident. Today she is a well-mannered calm horse, that is trustworthy. Right now she is learning to saddle and carry someone on her back (at a very quick pace I might add). She loves clicker training and thrives off of it. She is excited to work! When Sola and I first started training I had a 1 1/2 yr old colt named Kodiak. He was completely out of control and though he was smart, he was frustrated with our communication. He quickly learned basics and became a completely different horse. He was happy, confident, and loved working with me. Unfortunately he passed away from a broken leg while playing with the dogs. In the end I was so pleased with the relationship I had formed with him and so thankful Sola could help. If it weren’t for Sola’s calm, compassionate, gentle training, I would never have the wonderful relationship with Pepsi as I do now.

Tana and Taluka

Tana and Taluka

Sola Wolff is a very capable, caring and calm trainer for anyones horse or mule. I have seen the four mules and one horse that she has personally trained and they are amazing in their abilities. Her calm demeanor comes across to each animal that she works with. I was a total skeptic of “clicker training” and my mule was terrified of the clickers loud noise, however Sola soon changed my attitude and had my mule following her around. Sola started us out with a clicker wand and soon we changed to just making clicker noises with our mouths, which is a more subdued noise that any animal can easily hear.

My mule has gone from having very little training to an eager equine who is now able to do and understand many different training techniques. Sola has also taught me to be a calm trainer with my mule. I am certain that when my mule is fully trained to ride, she will be unaffected by many different distractions and will be a safe and secure mount. I would recommend Sola Wolff for any level of equine training.

Alexandra Kurland

Watching Sola and Umber working together is a pure delight—poetry in motion. Sola has understood the entirety of this work. She has both the science and the art. The result: happy mules, great relationships, outstanding performance.

Mary and Bella

I think the thing that impressed me the most was how easily the horse became comfortable and willing to work...The other thing was how quickly the horses learned something and how quickly it became a very confident behavior for them to do. I mean Bella was terrified of meeting new people and now...if I introduce them using the target she warms up to them right away; including men...

She is doing good and getting more and more attached which is so nice to see. I moved her from the lower pasture to the upper pasture a couple of weeks ago and she always used to be so nervous at that and now she just follows right beside me no problem. No nervousness at all.

Bella is becoming more and more attached to me. My fiance was out in the pasture with me last week and he was running around with the goat and the dog. Bella was trying to figure out what was going on and she kept coming up to me and running in close circles like she wanted to join but didn’t want to go too far away from me....I’m able to get all of her feet up but she is still a little skittish about her back feet. I think though as she is handled more with them and sees that it’s not a bad thing she will relax even more. Overall she’s coming along faster than I ever expected.

Pat and Sienna

Just what does Sola mean by equine revelation?

When I got my horse I was new to horse handling. I tried to educate myself by reading and going to clinics—but everything was so mysterious! What were they talking about?! Everything was in a foreign, horse-people language; the clinicians talked about things I couldn’t see; and the instructors told me things I couldn’t understand or do. Warnings abounded: don’t do it wrong, you’ll ruin your horse forever, be careful, you have to do it right.

I was paralyzed, even though my mare was sweet and well mannered, though somewhat green. What if I made a serious mistake? Then I found clicker training. It was easy! I understood it, and so did my horse. She and I have learned so much, and she wants to learn. It is fun and easy for both of us, and Sola has been very helpful. Now that’s a revelation!

Debra Olsen Daniels

Debra and MagicWatching Sola work with her darling mule Umber brings a smile to all. Seeing Sola teach her mule lateral work and to come up in her spine is a hoot. Umber adores Sola, which is a testimonial to the clicker training work Sola does with her. We all love Umber.